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A Colorado Non-Profit Music Incubator

Roots Music Project

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Music is a powerful force for good.

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Music builds confidence.

Music is an incredibly powerful tool that helps people build confidence in a variety of ways. Whether you're a musician yourself or simply enjoy listening to music, the benefits of music can be felt by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Music for better health.

Research shows that music reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety by providing a positive distraction from negative thoughts and emotions.

Music brings us together.

Music is the universal language of mankind. Music has the power to break down barriers and enable people to communicate meaningfully in a way that evokes emotion and solidarity.

The Power of Music

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42% Youth Performers

42% of RMP’s events included at least one performer 24 years old or under.  Arts funding in schools is being slashed and RMP helps fill the gap.

25% People with Disabilities

25% of RMP’s events included at least one person with a disability. 77% of our performers strongly agree  that RMP helped improve their mental health.

63% People of Color

Music creates opportunity and understanding. 63% of RMP’s events included at least one person of color.


Audience Reach

Our performers will be exposed to over 20,000 fans this year.


Our Impact



Performance Opportunities

Musicians need gigs! Each year RMP provides over 200 performance opportunities for Boulder area musicians.

Performers per year

We pack our events with multiple artists at all experience levels to give more musicians a chance to perform in front of an audience.

Jobs to Artists & Music Pro’s

This year RMP will pay over half a million dollars directly to musicians and music industry professionals.


Budget Dollars for Program Services

In 2023, 83% of RMPs budget was spent on programs that help our community. 8% was spent on on fundraising and 9% on Management and Administrative.

Success Stories

Ian Steele

Ian graduated from Monarch High and faced dead end jobs and lack of affordable housing.  RMP helped Ian find a path to CU Music and Business School and now he works at RMP.  Ian gives back by performing Teen Suicide Prevention Concerts with his LantinX band, 2MX2.

25% People with Disabilities

Marina is a junior at Boulder High and an intern at RMP.  She loves Taylor Swift and writes heartfelt songs about the pressures of being a teenage girl.  She found RMP through her guitar teacher who teaches at RMP.  Now she performs and teaches songwriting at RMP.

63% People of Color

DZIRAE GOLD is a Denver based Soul and Jazz Singer who rehearses and performs at RMP.  Her sultry vocals have been described as "smooth as liquid gold".  DZIRAE received a Sonic Guild grant after being nominated by RMP.

Help us dream big

Select list of RMP initiatives that require additional funding.

Fund our new East Side performance space.  We need funds to buy sound equipment, fix broken windows and to hire additional staff.

Double our performance space


Fund the development of our workshop program.  Help us create curriculum and launch the program.



Funds to plan our new 2025 outdoor music festival featuring 50+ local bands.

Festival Planning


Youth internships, scholarships, workshops and performance coaching.  Funds needed for program development and implementation.



How to donate

Our mailing address:

Roots Music Project Foundation

1014 Mapleton Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304


EIN: 86-3645639

Donor Levels

Founders Circle
$10,000 to $50,000

Major Donors
$1,000 to $10,000

Patron of the Arts
$500 to $1,000

Community Members
$1 to $500

Business Sponsors
Sponsor an event or season


How you can help

What we’re asking

  • Make a donation

  • Volunteer your time

  • Spread the word about our mission

  • Explore partnership opportunities with us


How to get Involved

Our mailing address:

Roots Music Project Foundation

1014 Mapleton Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304


EIN: 86-3645639


​Thank you!

Send a check to:

Roots Music Project Foundation

1014 Mapleton Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304

EIN: 86-3645639

Thank you!

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